Ulysses represents the myth of the thirst for knowledge. The desire of travelling to observe and discover didn't abandon him till the last days of his life. Yet a hero who had settled the Trojan war with the expedient of the wooden horse, who had finally returned home after almost twenty years, who had defeated the Proci, could have enjoyed his family with the faithful Penelope and his child Telemachus, that he had left when he was a child and found him an adult. He could have enjoyed the acquired fame and revelled in the ease that his condition of King of Ithaca allowed him. He has felt, instead, the uncontrollable need to start again the trip. So following Ulysses simply means to get yourself involved by his desire of travelling to discover and to know, and here in Italy, and particularly in Campania, there is everything that can attract the most demanding tourist. With Seguendo Ulisse we have the aim to suggest new itineraries and to arise in the reader the desire to see personally what we propose, to make the horizons never wide enough for our own destinations.

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